Ms. Long



My name is Ms. Long. I moved here from Boulder, CO.  I am an ESOL teacher here at Pinehurst.

Here are some interesting facts about myself...

What is your favorite place on Earth? 

If it is somewhere where I have been, then I would have to say a canyon in Boulder, CO called, "Gregory Canyon" that is remarkable and FULL of beautiful trees and flowers. It is especially beautiful around autumn. My second favorite place would have to be the Greek Island of Santorini, with its white sand beaches and blue roofed homes overlooking the cliffs.

What are some of your interests, ideas of fun?

 I love anything involved with the outdoors! Snowboarding (hopefully now surfing/water sports), hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, CrossFit, running, & roller-blading. I also love a good book or a good movie, cuddled up with one of my two puppies :)


Contact Information


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