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5th grade will soon begin playing the recorders. While a recorder will be provided for the students to use at school, it would be great for them to have one at home to practice with. They can be ordered at Guitar Center at 7620 Rivers Ave, North Charleston, SC2940. They can also be ordered online at:



We are doing a lot of running activities. Relays, Steal the Bacon, and Capture the Flag. These all help our lungs get stronger. We will keep working and playing hard in PE.




Students in grades 2-5 are making cross-curricular connections while creating a variety of Self Portraits.

2nd Grade -ELA reading the Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle and creating a Self-Portrait with a mixed up animal.

3rd Grade-Social Studies connections creating a Self Portraits using South Carolina Symbols in their Background.

4th grade- ELA creating surreal (fiction/nonfiction) self-portraits.

5th grade-Math connections using measurements to draw the face correctly.