4th Grade Teachers

4A will be starting new material in almost all subject areas. Math, we are finishing up long Division and heading into problem solving with word problems, studying the triangular trade, and beginning our unit on Light and Sound.
The students in 4B are thrilled to be back at school and have been busy since they returned.  4B is finishing up MAP testing, going on a field trip and starting new units in all subjects.  
4C class is working hard on implementing technology in the classroom.  Through the use of iPads and Google Classroom, they are researching, analyzing, critically thinking, and problem solving to prepare for the 21st century environment.
4D remains as busy as ever! They are currently learning about sound and the Triangular Trade Route, as well as learning to respond to text dependent questions in writing.  Please make sure your child is reading for a minimum of 30 minutes each night!
4E has been working hard this year! They are currently studying animal adaptations, opinion writing, triangular trade, long division, and learning how to make predictions and inferences while reading. Keep up the great work 4E!
4F is learning about mathematical patterns, the European Settlements, animal and plant adaptations, as well as reading informational text.

We are looking forward to our field trip at Fort Sumter!